The name Vanesa means "Butterfly" which grows from stage to stage until it achieves a state of perfection and grace.

Vanesa is a PRIVATE LABEL MANUFACTURER and one of the oldest, aerosol manufacturing company in India, where we aim to live our name and achieve perfection as a PLM. We have achieved the distinction to manufacture high quality personal care products and we provide complete solutions from product development to production, packaging and logistic solution for transportation to your warehouse.

Vanesa has core strengths in 5 growth platforms:

  • Aerosols
  • Perfumes
  • Personal Care
  • Hair Care
  • Home Care

Vanesa group has a team of 400 skilled manpower who have imbibed the ethos and strong culture to make Vanesa a unique work place and a matter of pride to have an association with.

 Mission and vision

  1. To be leaders in manufacturing of personal care products through innovation, quality orientation, service excellence and cost effectiveness in international markets.
  2. To ensure the profitability and growth of our company for the long-term benefit of our customers and our employees.
  3. To ensure a work culture that propagates freedom of thought and growth for each individual.

 Living Our Values

We know where we want to go together. And we know which values will guide us on our way. Our vision and values accompany us every day in our dealings with each other and with our customers and business partners. A common goal and common values are the glue that binds our network together. Our vision is both our compass and our driving force. We have together defined and set out what motivates us, how we intend to shape our future, and what our objectives are. Our principles, which are made up of our mission, and values, are designed to provide guidance and open up new horizons.

Our Clients