Your Fragrance

You look for a perfume made in France?

You plan to create your labeled perfume, and you need a professional company to create the fragrance you are thinking about, the customized bottle and packaging that fit your project and the services that would facilitate all process from idea to shelf. So you are in the right place ! Vanesa Cosmetics has an experience of making parfum sprays for last 30 years. The company has developed its expertise through its innovative and challenging orientation. Our clients are perfume distributors. We are catering to the Indian Domestic market and have plans to foray in Export market in 2015.


Your Fragrance

Creation of unique fragrances Made in France for your brand

The fragrance is developed by our perfumers according to your marketing brief. Our noses give a particular attention to your project and your needs in order to offer the exact fragrance you want. We send you several proposals and we adapt them until you get the perfume that really fits your expectation. All perfumes are elaborated with high quality of raw materials and respect the European legislation.



Selection in our showroom

Our designer helps you to choose your standard bottle/cap in our showroom. We offer over 90000 bottle/cap combinations.

MOQ 10000 pieces per shape

Bottle & cap created by our designer

Our designer creates a specific bottle and cap combination exclusively for your brand..

MOQ 30000 pieces per shape



Our designer makes several design proposals and you decide



Once your design is chosen and approved, a full sample of your perfume is prepared for your final approval.



After approval of the prototype, the mass production is launched.
Quality is checked at every step. Export documents are provided for your exportation needs.


The discoverers and the below is the various products under the following categories it manufactures.

Our Clients